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All-in-One Software: MicroAntiVirus

MicroAntiVirus has been delivering quality security products for many years.  The company's most recent version has proven to be another great solution for keeping your system safe from malicious content.  MicroAntiVirus 2007 is a powerful internet security suite that protects your emails, instant messaging and other important files.  The program is very efficient at detecting and removing viruses, Trojans and nasty internet worms.  It also consists of a number of new features that easily detects common adware and spyware programs. 

MicroAntivirus 2007 is based on some of the most sophisticated threat detection technology available.  The program offers instant updates via it's online database to make sure your operating system is secured against the latest viruses.  Upon choosing this product, users will enjoy all the benefits supplied by the company's AntiVirus Emergency Response team.  This international research unit is composed of numerous experts that are dedicated to finding the latest security threats and helping to keep your system free of infections. 

Some programs require a complete reinstallation of the operating system before they are able to be effective - MicroAntiVirus 2007 can fully restore a computer once deemed as inoperable by crippling infections.  This software has the ability to cleanup your system immediately following the installation and keeps it safe from roaming internet threats. 

Robust List of Features

• the ability to automatically remove viruses

•  solid protection of email and instant messges

•          • blocks out spyware and sophisticated forms of malware

protects against newly emerging threats

•          • automatic protection of important files

• unlimited updating of program scanners and virus definitions

•          •  the ability to detect hostile activity and intrusion

• compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP

•          •  includes a free Popup Blocker application

MicroAntiVirus 2007 has implemented advanced technology that not protects against infections, but keeps the hackers out of your system as well.  You can surf the web in comfort by knowing that this program is protecting your identity by shielding credit card numbers, password files, financial records and other sensitive data. 

Lacking in Customer Support

Technical support appears to be lacking on this product.  As far as we know, MicroAntiVirus 2007 only offers email support in which the team may take up to 48 hours to respond, a factor that conflicts with the company's claim of 24 hour support.  There is also no free trial version of the software and the additional protection against spyware, adware and identity theft will cost you an extra $20 on top of the original price of $39.95.  In order to even contact the company and inquire about this product, potential customers are required to complete a registration process where they are assigned a username and password.  Some may view this as a great inconvenience. 

Conclusion: Decent, but Not Comprehensive

MicroAntiVirus 2007 is a great program but lacks the features that would make it a well rounded internet security suite.  While this product will get the job done, it experiences a few performance issues during a scan and is far behind the competition in the way of technical support.  Customers looking for complete, out-of-the-box protection may wish to carefully weigh their options before investing in this product.   

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