Anti-Adware Program Reviews: Is There a Difference?

If you have adware, you have a headache. You take precautions to avoid it, but you keep seeing signs of adware on your computer and it's driving you crazy! Of course you want to remove it, but you're probably wondering which anti-adware program is best to use before you go through the trouble. Well we're here to help with some handy adware cleaner reviews.

Most spyware remover programs that you download (free and paid) have the duel purpose of removing spyware and adware, so if you want to purge your computer of both these annoyances, we suggest you look at our anti-spyware program reviews to choose the program that can do both for you.

Up until recently, you could only get an adware remover as part of an anti-spyware program, but recently programs have come out that are advertised as dealing primarily with adware. Some of these programs also detect and delete spyware. Here's what being said about them:

Doctor Adware Pro
Just as good as Doctor Adware but with a better user interface. It detects and removes adware quickly and with ease, and you can also change your preferences to schedule scans and tweak the program until it suits you best.

Adware Patrol
Simple and easy to use program with prompt email support. Detects and removes adware and spyware at a high rate.

Adware Safety
Finds infiltrations on your computer reliably if the adware database is kept updated using the "Update" button. However, if you forget to update, the program will not remind you to, and with outdated databases it will probably miss newer adware versions in its scan.

Adware Tools
This is another program with a user interface that leaves something to be desired. It works well to detect adware, but the user experience is not as sleek as other programs.

Adware Deluxe
Efficient and easy to use but not as sleek as other programs. Despite the user interface needing work, this program performs pretty well. Remember to keep the adware database updated by using the "Update" button.

Overall, most removal systems perform similarly in terms of how well they detect and remove adware and spyware. Unfortunately, average and even the best programs have success rates of only 75%. This means 25% of your adware and spyware problems aren't being caught. For this reason, many experts recommend you use two anti-adware or spyware programs so that hopefully, one catches what the other misses. That being said, why do reviews of these products differ so much? A lot has to do with user interface, cost, availability of support, and extra functions like the ability to schedule scans.

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