Antivirus Software Reviews

If you have been reading up on computer viruses, and the kind of damage they can do, you should now the only way to ensure you're protected is to install antivirus software on your computer. The problem, of course, is that not all antivirus protection programs are created equal. So how to know which one to choose? Some guidance might help!

Thankfully, antivirus software is regularly subjected to independent reviews, which evaluate just how effective they are in achieving their ultimate goal - i.e. keeping your computer virus-free. Here are some of the top antivirus software programs. For more detailed reviews on each, click on the name of the software you would like to learn more about.

Norton Anti-Virus
By far the most popular of all antivirus software programs, Norton AntiVirus has also earned itself a fairly good reputation - at least amongst the average computer user. The problem for many is that Norton tends to cause the computer to slow down significantly. In addition, it can sometimes conflict with other software, and be subject to service disruption and even crashes.

McAfee VirusScan
McAfee is another popular antivirus software brand. In general, it fares better than Norton AntiVirus in terms of its usability and overall effectiveness in eliminating viruses, Trojan horsese, bots, etc. It also detects and eliminates spyware - an appealing feature for many, especially considering it doesn't bloat your computer the way other programs might.

Kasperky Anti-Virus
Consistently strong in the detection of viruses, Trojan horses, bots and other malware, Kapersky Anti-Virus is among the top overall antivirus software programs according to most reviews. It's fast, and considerably less bulky than either Norton or McAfee, allowing your computer to operate at optimal capacity.

Combining anti-virus and anti-spyware software as well as a firewall, along with other security features, this antivirus software program is certainly among the most complete. Of course, with all those extra features, one complaint Zone Alarm sometimes receives is that it causes an above-average number of software conflicts.

Despite the fact that NOD32 is consistently given top ratings, it falls short for many due to its complex and confusing interface, which is anything but user-friendly, especially for the average computer user.

Trend Micro Antivirus
This antivirus program is comparable to others, it does stand out when it comes to the number of software conflicts it causes.



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