Confidence Tricksters On The Internet

With the growth of internet usage, it is normal to expect its use for fraudulent purposes to increase. Internet fraud is rampant these days, and there are a lot of types of fraud targeting not only individuals but also businesses.

Types of Scams On The Internet

One of the more common scams is the advance fee fraud, where individuals or companies are persuaded to pay a certain sum of money in advance in return for larger gains. An example of this type of scam would be emails sent to victims soliciting for help to transfer money in different currencies. However, the process involves depositing a certain amount of money. The target almost always ends up losing the deposit.

There is also another variation of this type of scam where men prey on women through online dating websites. It is an evolution of the traditional scam, where they borrow money from these women and flee. Reasons for borrowing money which have been given include helping a sick relative or a lack of funds to meet the victim. Often, it is difficult for these women who have lent their money in good faith to convict these fraudsters as the money was transferred via legal means.

Protecting Yourself From Becoming A Victim

However, it is sad that despite many warnings from authorities and well-publicized stories in newspapers, a lot of people continue to fall prey to these con artists. One of the best ways to ensure that an individual or even a business does not fall prey to these scams is for them to ask themselves whether the offer is too good to be true. Ensuring that all business dealings are legitimate and cross-checking with the appropriate authorities will help to deter such incidents from happening. Banking details should not be transmitted over the phone or to suspicious emails.

As for frauds which involve personal relationships, it is wise to be cautious of possible con artists. Always bear in mind that it is easy to lie on the internet, and easier to run away after the deed has been committed. Their address, picture and conversations can be mere lies to entice you to open your wallet. Hence, should you wish to look into dating websites, invest in reputable online services where they do background checks and ensure that the personal details given are genuine. Nevertheless, nothing can substitute for common sense. Depend on yourself to judge whether a certain activity is fraud or real.

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