How to Write Emails That Won't Get Marked as Spam

The internet is a very valuable business platform and businesses all around the world are utilizing it to increase the amount of profit that they can make. Marketing your products on the internet is a fantastic way to promote your business and start making all the difference.

Email marketing is very popular with most businesses. The trouble is that people often mistake your internet marketing emails with common spam. If you want your business emails to stand out from the crowd then it's important that you follow some simple rules.

What is Spam?

When you are trying to write emails which are not considered as spam it's a good idea to first look at what spam actually is. Spam simply means unsolicited email, which ultimately means email which you haven't asked for.

These emails are sent for all sorts of reasons, including trying to sell things or for phishing scams. Spam isn't liked by anyone and that's why you must be careful to make sure your emails don't come across as spam.

No Spam Zone

One of the most difficult things to do is prevent people thinking that your email marketing messages are in fact spam. You can certainly appreciate why this happens. Whenever you open your inbox you probably won't pay attention to particular emails. If anything looks like it's trying to sell you something then it will often get deleted.

In order to make your marketing emails stand out you need to make people interested in them. The messages need to be interesting enough for people to bother opening them up. You must also make sure that your marketing messages comply with the can-spam act. This isn't that difficult as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Opt in and out

You must allow subscribers to opt out of receiving your email announcements as easily as possible. This means that you are not actually spamming anyone because by not opting out, they have then all opted to receive the information. You should also set up an email list by asking who would wants to receive the information.

Down to earth

People have gotten use to the fact that marketing emails promise the earth but deliver very little. You need to make sure that your marketing emails are honest because otherwise they can prevent people from reading them.

Filter Words

Take time to understand how anti spam filters work. They will analyze an email based on a number of specific words. Make sure that you do not include words which spam uses on a regular basis. Avoid words like "Free" because this will almost always get passed over by people and software.

As long as you do email marketing properly then it won't be seen as spam. It's only if you send the same message to millions of people who didn't request the email that you can get into trouble. Spamming people is a way to reduce your business rather than increasing it. Make sure you take time to improve your marketing strategy.

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86% of email addresses posted on websites are used by spammers to send unsolicited emails?

63% of all "Remove me from your list" requests are not honored.

Spam accounted for 80% of all e-mail received in 2004, up from 62% in 2003