Top 6 Employee Training Software Solutions to Consider in 2023

Employee training has long been at the top of companies’ priority lists. First of all, it enables businesses to continually improve the skills and expertise of their employees and, thus, equip their teams for greater success. Besides, regular training is proven to keep employees more effective, motivated, and happy in the workplace. According to SHRM, 76% of workers in 2022 claim that they are more inclined to stay with a company that provides them with continuous learning and development opportunities.
Helping businesses attract and retain top talent, employee training remains one of the biggest trends in HR for 2023. Thus, there are some good reasons to look for new training opportunities this year.

In this article, a professional essay writer for hire from a top paper writing service online who has a degree and vast experience in HR will tell you about the top six employee training software to consider in 2023. Read on to get on the right track and find effective solutions for your company.

Cypher Learning Matrix LMS

According to the Forbes Advisor rating, Cypher Learning Matrix LMS is the best overall software for employee training in 2023. This software offers a highly intuitive user interface and a variety of ways to reward employees for using this LMS. Cypher LMS can be used to create unique training courses and track employees’ progress in detail. Also, it’s highly customizable and can be used by businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

-Excellent UI
-14-day free trial
-Handy mobile app
-Gamification features for better motivation
-Reasonable pricing system to match any budget
-Excellent reporting feature with plenty of customizable options

Absorb LMS

The next recommendation is an out-of-the-box training solution. Absorb offers opportunities for both employee and customer training. This LMS allows you to leverage pre-built courses or create your own without a hassle. It’s a very flexible and customizable solution that can help your business gain a variety of benefits. However, it’s a little too expensive, which makes it a not-so-good option for small businesses.

-Around-the-clock customer support
-21-day free trial
-Intuitive and convenient user interface
-Great filtering features
-Gamification features


The next tool worth considering is TalentLMS. First and foremost, it gained popularity thanks to its forever-free plan that makes this training solution available to all businesses, including small and startups that are on a budget. It features a convenient drag-and-drop UI that makes it easy to adopt and get used to. At the same time, it boasts a wide array of gamification features, customizability, and many other benefits.

-Forever-free plan available
-Perfect for small businesses that are limited in budget
-Affordable prices for paid plans
-Simple and convenient interface
-Gamification features
-Handy add-ons for developing employees’ soft skills


The next solution is different from the others on this list because it’s not meant exclusively for businesses. Alemira is an all-rounded active learning platform that can be used not only by companies but also by schools, colleges, and even essay writing service reviews platforms. Nevertheless, it has a lot to offer in terms of employee training. This software offers a well-connected digital ecosystem for simple and effective learning. It features AI technology to allow personalized training programs and drive engagement. Also, it offers excellent automation features for simplifying administrative processes.

-A free demo version is available for new users
-Excellent user and admin interfaces
-High functionality and plenty of customization options
-Customer onboarding features
-AI and machine intelligence technologies for greater personalization


This solution has been on the market for some time now and has long gained popularity. Docebo is a great pick for companies that are looking for a feature-rich and highly customizable LMS. It’s also known for seamless integration with over 400 apps, which extends its functionality even more. This LMS supports AI-powered learning. That is, it can help you identify skill gaps and provide every employee with the specific training they need to maximize their potential. Like many of its competitors, Docebo doesn’t make its pricing options publicly visible, and some third parties claim that it’s far too expensive for many businesses. Nevertheless, you can request a quote to see if it suits your budget.

-Convenient, customizable, and feature-rich LMS
-4-day free trial
-Gamification features
-Social learning support
-Seamless integration with third-party apps
-Advanced AI features for personalized and effective learning

Blackboard Learn LMS

Blackboard Learn also has been around for quite a while. For years, it was considered one of the best learning platforms for admins and users, which doesn’t limit the number of users who can join the platform. It offers a plain, no-frills UI that lets your admins and employees focus on training content and achieve the best learning outcomes. Unfortunately, this also means that this LMS lacks additional features like gamification. Nevertheless, it’s still a great choice for businesses looking for a streamlined corporate classroom with a wealth of pre-built course options. However, it’s worth mentioning that this solution is somewhat pricey.

-Powerful tools for admins
-30-day free trial
-Excellent solutions for large employee groups, with scalability opportunities
-Convenient mobile app
-No-frills platform

The Bottom Line

Without any doubt, employee training is crucial for business success. If handled wisely, it can help companies drive new talents, boost retention, strengthen the bond within their teams, and empower their employees for productivity and success. However, in order to get all these benefits, you need a smart employee training solution that matches your company’s goals. In this article, the expert from one of the top paper writing services shared with you the top-of-the-class HR solutions for employee training. All of them have their pros and can be a perfect choice for different companies. Be sure to study each of the options to pick the right software for your business!
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