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When it comes to security solutions for your computer, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from.  While many of them will keep potential threats out, few of them compare to the advanced technology of ESET's Nod32. 

Nod32 comes equipped with an exceptional scanner and a high detection rating.  This has earned it the VB 100% award in all eight of the program's most recent tests on the Windows operating system.  This program was also certified by the ICSA and recently passed level 1 and level 2 Checkmarks from West Coast Labs.  Nod32 offers a number of great features that enable you to monitor the security of your computer with history/report logging and routine notification of the latest virus outbreaks

Program Layout

The Nod32 software uses various technical terms in the interface and other essential areas.  The layout of the Control Center and many program modules were also somewhat confusing.  While the terminology found in this software is rather technical, both computer experts and novice users will be able to appreciate the customization and scanning capability of this product. 


Like many security solutions, the primary function of ESET's Nod32 is to detect and block viruses and other infections, a task it easily succeeds at.  This software can be run in two different ways: by a simple scan or by customizing your options and running a scan from the Control Center.  The Control Center gives you access to many great features and numerous scanning options including NOD32, DMON, IMON and EMON.  Here is a rundown on a few of the Nod32 scanning features:

NOD32 - this component is the most powerful tool against viruses and other infections.  It acts as the resident scanner, functioning in the memory of your operating system at all times. 

DMON - this scan thoroughly combs through office documents and files directly downloaded from the web.

IMON - this scanner can be viewed as your front-line defense because it monitors web traffic using HTTP, FTP, SMTP and various Winsock protocols. 

EMON - this scanner is responsible for detecting viruses that may have originated from email messages.  


While this is a highly advanced program, Nod32 allows you to get up and running with a simple installation.  You can choose to make a few customized adjustments or go with an advanced installation, both of which will not give you any problems. 

This software provides very useful help in the form of documented manuals and an FAQ section.  Support received via email is outstanding as requests are typically answered in a matter of hours.  One of the program's biggest perks comes with 24 hour live telephone support.


Nod32 is without doubt a superior program that offers some of the best protection available.  Though highly capable, some of the features are somewhat difficult to comprehend, and all of the technical lingo may appear foreign to the average user.  For this reason, a novice user may wish to start off with something more basic and work their way up to the sophisticated technology of ESET Nod32.  


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