Smart Restart Review

Being hit with a malware infection is a terrible experience. When disaster strikes hard, you can end up losing everything on your computer from personal files to useful software applications. This could prove to be very expensive and time consuming even if you have prepared backups. Wouldn't it be great if there was a much simpler solution to restoring your PC? Well the people at Centurion claim it's all possible with their Smart Restart software. Here is a review of the product:


Installing the Smart Restart program is quick and simple. All that you are required to do is enter a password to secure the hard drive and the remaining process is automated. Smart Restart only supports NFTS systems which have become the default file system on Windows Vista platforms. The program requires a system reboot so be sure that all of your work is backed up before installing. When the system restarts, the screen will display a "Protection Status." Smart Restart requires approximately 1 GB of disk space and 128 MB of RAM.


An icon on the interface tray gives an alert of the Smart Restart status. You can enable protection by clicking on the "Protection" button. The main features of the program are three zones: Temporary, Keep and Protected. The Temporary Zone acts as your "favorites" and allows you to store temporary internet applications, files and unused software. This zone makes use of virtual memory meaning nothing is actually written to the hard disk. When rebooting your system, all the contents of this zone are deleted. The Keep zone consists of frequently used files such as photos, videos and documents. The contents of this zone are protected and can be restored if the system happens to crash. Think of this zone as a fireproof safe as many of your important files will be stored here. The Protected zone stores critical files that are rarely used, permanent installations, and system configurations. Once you learn the inner workings of the zones, using this program is a breeze.

The Keep zone is a bit more customizable than the others. The comprehensive interface allows you to make simple adjustments to ensure that your files remain secure. The down side here is that when you add files to the Keep zone, Protection must be disabled and the system subsequently shut down in order for the changes to take effect. When the system restarts, protection can be easily enabled. To save yourself a few restarts, it would be a good idea to make a nice sized repository of important files all at once.


Smart Restart is a great backup solution that takes a bit of the pain out of data restoration. This software works fast and is incredibly simple to use. The interface is clean with easy access to all of the essential controls allowing you to configure the program to your liking. Your main task will be learning how to manage your files in the zones; from there, the protection of your critical data is almost guaranteed.

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