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SPAM.  We have all been impacted by this problem at one time or another - many of us have an inbox full awaiting us right now.  In fact, spam now accounts for well over 80 percent of all email, placing a terrible strain on our personal lives and getting in the way of important business tasks.

In the beginning, spam was downright annoying - now it has become an issue that can expose you to infection from malicious threats and financial schemes that lead to the rising crime of identity theft.  As more products are developed to combat what seems to be a never ending problem, spammers have become more advanced in order to make sure these unsolicited messages penetrate the filter and find their way to your inbox. 


SPAMfighter, a leading name brand vendor of anti-spam solutions, has recently teamed up with Microsoft to create a powerful software that halts spam dead in it's tracks.  SPAMfighter Standard works as for your first-line of defense in the war on spam.  This highly advanced solution is a user-friendly, standalone application that not only protects you against common spam, but unsolicited emails carrying phishing schemes as well. 

Product Overview

SpamFighter Standard offers an easy installation that works fast at reducing the amount of spam in your inbox.  The interface of this software is clean, convenient and easy to use.  All of the tools needed to ward off unsolicited email is right in front of you, adding simplicity to the once grueling task of managing your mail.  The partnership with Microsoft has made SPAMfighter the ideal solution for Windows Mail, Outlook and Outlook Express, a full-featured utility that combines the power of anti-spam and anti-phishing technology.

SPAMfighter Standard saves you time, money, and tremendously limits the frustration of sorting through nagging spam messages.  Once downloaded, this program can be configured in minutes to protect you from all the dangers found in the body of a message or it's attachment. 

SPAMfigher use sophisticated methods of detection to keep spam out of your inbox.  This program harnesses it's power from a robust community of users who work together to strengthen the product.  When mail containing spam or dangerous phishing schemes is detected, these details are immediately reported to the program's database.  Once multiple individuals are victimized by the same message, that spam is automatically filtered to protect the rest of the user community.  This gives a piece of mind by knowing that your anti-spam program is always being updated and doing it's best at keeping you safe from. 

Millions of users around the world have decided to strike back by using the advanced power of SPAMfighter Standard.  The company is a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft and is currently freely available in 18 languages including: English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Greek, Italian, Danish, Thai, Czech and Bulgarian. The best feature of all, SPAMfighter Standard will not cost you a dime.  

Conclusion: Fight the Good Fight with SPAMfighter

SPAMfighter Standard allows you to get rid of those aggravating emails that slow down your performance.  It also protects you from the numerous scams waiting to bait you into the costly trap of identity theft.  With SPAMfighter, you can regain control over your inbox in minutes.

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With the advent of wireless Internet, more and more computer users are entering the world of cyber space.

Yet, while these users are well aware of the importance of the protection of their computer when hooked up to regular internet providers, they are often oblivious to the fact that the same cyber dangers, and in fact even more, exist in the world of WiFi.

What you may not know is that same Internet connection that makes it possible to check your email from the comfort of your bed also makes it easier for hackers to access your personal information.

It is for this reason, the sharing of the wireless Internet connection, that protecting your computer when wireless is even more important than ever before.