Novatel Wireless USB727

Novatel Wireless USB727 provides a solution for those who need to connect to the Internet on the go with ease and speed. The USB727 is also capable of reading microSD memory cards from your cell phone. If your phone doesn't have a card reader (most new cell phones do), you can use the memory card to browse through the pictures on your phone using your PC. Also with this card reader you can transfer music from your laptop to your phone to listen.

Read on to find out more about the features of the USB727, how much it costs, and how it performs compared to other Verizon modems.


The USB727 is relatively small and light compared to other USB modems like the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U and the Verizon UM150. The USB727 comes with a flip-up loop antenna to detect weak signals. The antenna folds, so it won't get in your way while traveling. The microSD card slot that allows you to look at your phone photos on your PC is located on the side of the modem.

The USB727 is compatible with PC and Mac. Like most Verizon wireless modems it can work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS 10.4.11 machines.


The cost of the USB727 ranges between $149.99 to $199.99 dollars. This is a bit more than Verizon's other speedy USB modems. But, with the extra money users will be getting some of the best features available, including Verizon UM150's microSD card slot, fast downloading speeds, and excellent signal reception.

USB727 users need to go on Verizon Wireless' unlimited data plan for $60 dollars. However, this plan isn't exactly unlimited and comes with restrictions of to how much data can be transferred.


When tested for three days in New York and New Jersey against four other Verizon Wireless Rev A devices, the USB727 scored:

  • A gold (first place) in the strongest reception
  • Two silvers, one in download speed (average speed of 691 kilobits per second) and the other in the weak-signal test
  • An honorable mention for upload speeds (average of 377 Kbps)

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