Webroot Parental Controls

How do you know if your child is safe on the internet? If you haven't set up any parental controls, it's safe to assume they are not. The internet is congested with impurities in the way of adult content and sex offenders. Without the proper security settings, your kids are openly exposed to this material.

The increasing growth of the online porn industry alone has resulted in the birth of several parental control programs. This type of program is a concerned parent's best friend. Not only does it prevent children from viewing pornographic content, but allows you to monitor and control all of their web browsing activities as well.

Webroot Features

Webroot parental control software is one of the leading protective programs on the market. This program is intuitive and very effective at keeping your children away from questionable content. Webroot is compatible with both XP and Vista and seamlessly integrates with Windows, preventing children from tampering with system settings and disabling Webroot parental controls. You can control almost every aspect of your child's browsing activities, ranging from how long they stay online and where they go to who they chat with and what games they play. Webroot also includes an automatic log off function that shuts down the internet to prevent them from surfing the web late at night.

Additional Features

- Built-in categories based on keywords and specific sites to keep your children away from adult content.

- Scheduling function that allows you to set how long your children can browse the web, spend on MySpace or play specific games.

- Detailed reports that detail what sites your child viewed, the applications they used, who they've been chatting with and more. These reports tell you everything you need to know about your child's online activities.

- Security settings to ensure your children cannot circumvent any functions of the software. This prevents them from reinstalling it or reversing any settings you may have set.

- Webroot parental controls software stands out from the competition with its ability to provide security on a network of up to three computers. This allows the program to support multiple users over multiple machines. It also allows you to make essential configurations from any computer in the network.

Customer Support

Reliable support is critical with any software, and Webroot excels in this department. A toll free phone number is offered to use whenever you have questions or concerns about the product. You will find that the technical support team is professional and effective when it comes to solving problems. Aside from the toll free number, you can also receive quality support via email as well as a comprehensive online database.

When it comes to monitoring and filtering internet content, Webroot parental controls software gets the job done. This program is user-friendly and gives you great control over your child's internet activities to ensure they are protected from the many lurking dangers online.

Although Webroot is very efficient, it does have its limitations. This program doesn't have the ability to monitor or block access to chat rooms, instant messaging or newsgroups.

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