What is a TIBS Dialer and How Does It Work?

A TIBS Dialer is a type of malware that installs itself onto your PC via the Internet and through email attachments on spam. A TIBS Dialer works in the background of your PC's operating system and hijacks your PC's modem for the purpose of dialing toll telephone numbers that access paid websites with pornographic content. A TIBS dialer usually does not affect the performance of your PC; it just leaves you with an enormous telephone bill at the end of its run to pornographic websites.

How a TIBS Dialer Works

A TIBS dialer installs itself for the purpose of hijacking your modem to make toll telephone calls to pornographic websites. It will also continually display pornographic advertisements on your PC and connect itself to the Internet to access paid websites. A TIBS dialer hides itself from the PC user and it operates in the background of your PC's operating system.

How to Detect a TIBS Dialer

Aside from the enormous telephone bill a TIBS dialer leaves you with, you can detect this type of malware through abnormal behaviors in your PC's performance. To begin with, you will notice the usual abnormal behaviors in your PC when malware has been installed such as slow PC performance, additional desktop shortcuts that you did not create, and an excessive amount of pop-ups. In addition to these PC behaviors you may notice:

  • Uncontrollable Downloads: Every time you open a website you receive a download pop-up or the download starts even after you have tried to cancel it.
  • Default Connection: You may notice an extra default connection when you access the Control Panel of your PC. The dialer installs this type of connection and also creates additional connections without your knowledge and without any user interaction.
  • Hidden Website Connection: Generally when you access paid websites, the price will appear prior to dialing in. A TIBS dialer will dial the connection while masking the price that usually appears prior to connection. Usually, a TIBS dialer will access paid websites that have the highest prices.
  • Uninstall Does Not Work: If you happen to spot the TIBS dialer connection, it will not uninstall even when you click "Uninstall."

How to Get Rid of a TIBS Dialer

It is possible to get rid of a TIBS dialer by uninstalling it through your Windows registry files, however, this is not recommended unless you are sure that you know what you are doing when it comes to this process.

You can also get rid of a TIBS dialer by installing an anti-spyware application or using reliable software that will wash out this type of malware in your PC.

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