Curing Blue Screen

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the whole world and is used by many different people. The reason windows is so popular is because it's the best known operating system out there. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's the most reliable or the most stable. There are actually a number of common problems which can affect users of Windows based machines.

Computer Problems

Computers are very useful but when they break it can cause a whole lot of stress. Computer errors always seem to strike when you haven't saved your work or you least want them to. They never happen when you're just playing around on your computer.

Types Of Computer Problems

There are lots of different types of windows computer problems and some of these can be resolved very easily. Others on the other hand are much more complicated.

Slow Computer

One of the biggest complaints is that a person's computer is slow. Slow computers can be caused by a variety of different problems. These include viruses, clogged up systems, or registry errors. Fixing a slow computer will depend on what is actually causing the problem. A virus scanner might resolve the problem, but you might need to use a registry cleaner.

Blue Screen Of Death

The blue screen of death is perhaps the scariest error that you will ever see. The Blue screen of death is a critical error message which only affects windows computers. This is very scary because it contains lots of information which makes no sense.

Nine times out of ten you can cure the blue screen by resetting your computer. Although this is a critical error you will probably never see it again or only see it occasionally. The blue screen is only a serious issue if it appears on a regular basis.

The blue screen of death can affect computers regularly and, in this case, will need a professional brought in for fixing. The blue screen of death can affect XP, Vista and 98 versions of windows.

A blue screen of death could show that your computer's hardware is at risk of damage. It is essential that you back your computer up just in case the worst happens. Sometimes you may be able to resolve the problem by repairing your windows installation using the CD's that came with your PC.

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