Getting Rid of Worms

If your computer is suffering from a worm or Trojan horse virus then you will probably want to know what you can do to remove it. There are lots of different types of computer viruses and each of these will affect your computer slightly differently.

To get rid of many viruses and worms you should get yourself a virus scanner. These are applications designed to scan your computer for infections and help you to remove them.

Of course it would be much easier if you prevented your computer from ever suffering from a virus attack in the first place. As always, prevention is much better than a cure! So what can you do to avoid getting infected?

Fake Error Messages

Many worms will try to get themselves onto your computer by displaying fake error messages. These messages are often on websites and a popup will appear telling you that your computer has been infected with a nasty virus.

These can be quite convincing because they look so much like real window dialog boxes. If you follow the instructions to download the software then you will be installing some form of virus onto your computer.


Most viruses and worms are spread by computer downloads. You must be very careful whenever you are downloading anything from the internet. These downloads could be fake or could be bundled with all sorts of unwanted extras.

Only download from trusted websites and avoid downloading anything illegally. Using file sharing applications is just asking for trouble. Viruses are commonly spread over the internet although if you share files on USB drives or CD's then you could also suffer from the same fate.

Fake Virus Scanners

When you are searching for freeware antivirus programs you must be very careful to ensure you don't download something which will harm your computer. Many of these scanners don't really fix your computer and the only thing that they will do is infect your computer with viruses and worms. Carefully choose the right piece of security software so that you know your computer is safe and protected.

If you do suffer from a virus or worm on your computer then you will have to deal with it as quickly as possible. If left untreated then it can quite easily invite all of its friends which will make it even more difficult to fix your PC. There are often free tools available to remove most of the newest worms before they can be corrected by antivirus scanners, just make sure they are downloaded from trusted sources.

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