Credit Card Cloning Facts

It is scary to think that within seconds of the being in the waitress's hands to the credit card machine, your credit card could get cloned. A million dollar business and we are left with the bill. Credit card cloning does not stop at the restaurants, it can easily be done when you are in line at the grocery mart or buying those brand new shoes; whichever way you buy they are there to clone your magic card.

According to the records of the last year, credit card cloners averaged a hefty annual sum of approximately $500 million, and most did not get caught. The scheme is quick and almost unnoticeable. The magnetic strip on the back of one's credit card is the valuable part of the card, and the cloners swiping devices are the secret tellers. Although the magnetic strip does not give details regarding address or security number, it does give the credit card number, name on the credit card and the expiration date, making the process of cloning uncomplicated and effortless.

Who Is At Risk

Now we have to worry about credit card cloners. Whenever you use your card you must keep a careful eye on it. Pay attention in the grocery line if the card slides down or disappears for a moment. Stop fantasizing about all the outfits that can go with your brand new shoes and watch the cashier. Forget being lazy and making the waiter run to the credit card machine to do the swiping; follow them!

As annoying as this all may seem, thinking "great just another thing to worry about these days," be aware that it doesn't have to happen to you. It can easily be dispelled if you pay attention. Don't make it a blaming situation, it can happen to anybody, and the fact of the matter is being aware of this or any issue can help us in the mist of turning chaos in to order.

Secure Card Payments

In the seconds of giving someone your credit card, make it a point to voice or even report to a higher source that the employee is not doing there job. As in, checking the signature on the card, asking for a valid license, or, the most maddening of all, the failure in noticing the gender of the card; meaning if the card says a woman's name and a man is using it!

Make no assumptions, and pay attention. Good luck.

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