Free Email Client Software

When it comes to managing your mail, there are several options to choose from. Some of the best solutions are free email clients with all the features needed to effectively send and receive mail with security tools to help keep you protected. Below is a closer look at several of the popular email clients available to assist in your communication endeavors.


This free email client is perfect for the email user on the go or anyone with limited space on their hard drive. Scribe is less than 1 MB and doesn't require an installation or system files. It can be used from removable media whether it's a flash drive or a floppy disc. Scribe includes a Bayesian filter and is capable of translating many different languages. With an integrated anti-virus HTML control, Scribe offers protection for both Windows and Linux users. This program receives frequent updates to address any problems and implement new features.


Foxmail is another great client suited for the novice to intermediate user. It's incredibly easy to use and offers a fun environment tools. These tools can also be used as templates for a wide range of messages from invitations to special announcements. This program is light on your system, less than 3 MB in total, making it a great option for a light to medium level email client. Foxmail has been around for some time and currently has nearly 8 million installations.


Courier is actually an upgrade to the Calypso email client, a long time favorite among many users. It comes with an array of features such as IMAP and POP support, quality filters, a variety of templates, multiple accounts, secure message viewing, and much more. The interface is intuitive enabling simple configuration of options such as mailing lists, spam filters, and password management tools. Aside from the draw-back of only one-way IMAP support, Courier is a secure, highly functional client that makes a great front-line solution.

Opera Mail

Integrated into the powerful Opera web browser, Opera Mail gives you an appealing layout with several great features. One of its biggest attractions is the Learning Filters option which automatically stores your messages into predefined folders. When this featured is enabled, Opera Mail trains itself on where to place the files based on how you send, receive, search and compose mail. With a little practice, you can virtually eliminate the task of manually setting up individual emails. The filter can be easily adjusted or restored to the original default settings.

The downside to Opera Mail is that it can't function as a standalone client and requires use of the Opera Browser.


Sylpheed is a free client that can be effective as your primary or secondary mail solution. Though small, this program is quite powerful with all the features needed to manage your messages. The interface is well designed, easy to use and requires little configuration, as the default settings are suitable for most users. Sylpheed is one of the most secure free email clients with support for GnuPG, SSL and TLS encryption. It also helps to regulate spam with a thorough filtering system that seeks out junk email.


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