Spamming On Facebook

Facebook is a fantastic tool which can be used to stay in touch with friends or even to promote your business. If you're promoting your products on Facebook then there are a number of things that you need to be careful of because if you're not cautious then you could end up getting banned or having your account deleted.

How You Can Get Banned On Facebook

There are many things which can cause your account to be blocked on Facebook. Many of these relate to spam. It's very important that you do not spam contacts on Facebook because this would be grounds for the cancelation of your account.

If you send out too many friend requests then this will be considered a form of spam and this could get your account deactivated.

If you post on lots of peoples walls with the same messages then this will almost certainly get you banned.

If when you request friends you always copy and paste the same message then this will also be seen as a type of spam.

You should avoid poking people for no reason because if you poke too many people then you could end up getting banned.

Don't Go Overboard

Generally you won't have a problem with facebook as long as you don't use the same messages time and time again. If you do these things too often then this will make you look like a spammer. Spammers aren't welcome on Facebook and they will be dealt with severely.

The problem is that they never actually tell you how often is too often. As long as you don't go overboard and send dozens of exactly the same messages then you shouldn't really have a problem.

One worrying thing is that the way facebook deals with these problems will vary. Some facebook users will get warnings while other people will just get their accounts banned straight away.

Avoid Getting Banned On Facebook

When you have a facebook account you will want to do everything in your power to make sure that you don't get banned. This involves making sure that you don't spam or send out too many messages to people you don't know.

As long as you aren't seen as spamming on Facebook then you really shouldn't experience any problems. Facebook is a very useful platform for all businesses, just learn how to use it the best. Good Luck!

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A person\92s identity can be 'borrowed' for the purpose of creating fictional credit cards or a person\92s entire identity can be usurped to the point where they can have difficulty proving that they really are who they claim to be.

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