How Activation Codes Work

Activation codes are used as an added security measure when you sign up for an account online or make any alterations to an existing account. When you create an account or make any changes, a code is sent to your email address to ensure that you are the one that is making the changes or creating the account.

How Activation Codes Work

Whenever you create an account or make any alteration to an existing account such as changing your password, an activation code is sent to your email address to confirm that the account creation or revisions are authentic. To complete the changes you made or to activate the account you created, you are required to log into your email account and click on the activation code that is included in the email.

After you click on the activation code a new window will open that requires you to re-enter your password to activate the account or confirm the changes you made to an existing account. It may also require you to enter an additional code that was included in the email message that further authenticates you as the user of the account.

Why Activation Codes Are Used

Activation codes are used as an added measure of security for protecting your passwords and personal information online. They are also used to divert spammers and to ensure that the accounts are not created with bogus email addresses.

Activation codes are also used as protection against someone signing you up for a product or account that you did not request and they help to cut back on identity theft and provide added password protection.

Activation Code Security

Although activation codes are designed to add security for password protection and other information, there are many ways that spammers and hackers still get around activation codes to commit criminal activity.

There are ways to avoid using activation codes especially when you download software. If you do not enter the activation code into the software it will still work without authenticating it. Some new software developers have improved on this by providing unique codes in store bought software and when you enter the code into the software, you are the only one with access.

Regardless of unscrupulous practices that spammers and hackers use, activation codes have been known to cut back on identity theft and other fraudulent practices on the Internet.

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