How a Mobile Firewall Works

A mobile firewall provides protection for a network system that contains mobile clients or subscribers which use the services that are provided by the mobile device network. A mobile firewall provides secure communication when the entire system is used connectively with the firewall system, the network, and mobile devices that are connected to the network.

The mobile firewall acts as a screen between the mobile devices and the network, and will monitor all inbound network traffic before it is allowed to access the network system. Once the traffic passes through the firewall it can access the services on the network that it has requested.

How a Mobile Firewall Works

A mobile firewall works with the subscribers or mobile device users that request the use of services that are provided by the network to screen and check the requests for validity and authorization.

  • Verification Requests: When the subscriber or mobile device user sends a request to the network, the mobile firewall will forward a verification request to the network that contacts the database to verify whether or not there is a matching identity for the subscriber who has requested access. If a match is located, a firewall "pinhole" is opened to allow the subscriber to have access to the services on the network so they can receive the data that they requested.

  • Multiple Mobile Firewalls: If the network accommodates a substantial amount of subscribers, multiple mobile firewalls are used to process more than one subscriber request for access to the network. The mobile firewalls are connected to one another to form a firewall group which is capable of handling a large amount of traffic without compromising security.

A firewall group functions differently than a single mobile firewall by relying on a set of instructions that accompany the subscriber requests. The instructions determine the corresponding pinholes in the firewall system that should be opened to access data on the network. Once the transmission is complete, the firewall immediately closes the pinholes. If the requests by the subscriber do not match any of the profiles, the network instructs the mobile firewall to deny access.

Mobile firewall systems are used by networks that provide mobile communication systems. Since mobile devices can pose a lot of security threats to a network, a mobile firewall or mobile firewall group is used to reduce the risk of security threats and to protect the integrity of the network system. The firewall system is set up to block any unauthorized access to the mobile communications system.

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