How to Set Up a Satellite Connection

If you are establishing a home network and do not have access to dial-up or a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection, you can choose to install a satellite connection to your home network. A satellite connection can be set up virtually anywhere via a satellite dish as long as you have a clear view of the south. There are many different types of satellite connection services available so you should do your research before choosing a provider for your network connection.

How to Set Up Satellite with Your Home Network

Once you have located a satellite provider you can contact the provider to do an evaluation of your site to determine the best position for the placement of the satellite dish. The satellite signal always originates from the south, so the position must have a clear view of the southern sky.

  • Mounting the Dish: Once the position has been determined, you mount and point the dish and then perform the necessary tests to make sure nothing is inferring with the path of the signal.

  • Install Cables: Once the satellite dish is installed and tested you establish an Internet connection by connecting the cable from the dish to a wall jack in your home. Once the cable is installed it is necessary to test the strength of the signal.
  • Computer Configuration: Once the cables have been installed and tested it is necessary to configure your computer to the satellite Internet connection. If you have more than one computer on the home network, it is necessary to perform configurations on each PC.

Tips on Choosing a Satellite Service

There are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing a good satellite service.

  • Obtain a Two-Way Connection: Make sure you choose a service that offers a two-way connection otherwise your Internet connection will run at a slower speed. A two-way connection allows information to be transmitted through the same connection which makes processing faster. With a one-way connection the data must be transmitted through the satellite and then uploaded through the telephone line which significantly slows down the speed of the connection.

  • Service Plans: Make sure you review all of the service plans and that all of the charges are spelled out in the plan so there are no surprises. Also find out what type of tech support is offered with each plan and how often it is available.

  • Installation: The satellite service provider should perform complete installation and include all of the hardware that is necessary for the connection. This is a general rule that must be followed in accordance with the FCC.
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