How Spyware Affects Your PC

Spyware is a major problem which affects lots of computers all around the globe. Most computer users are already aware of the problems that spyware can cause. They will also be aware of the damage which can be caused by these spyware infestations.

Spyware Infections

Spyware is a very common problem which affects around 90% of computers. Most users use their computer without even realizing that they are infected. Spyware is very dangerous as it puts your identity at risk of being stolen. There are two main dangerous types of spyware which any computer user needs to be aware of.

Spyware could make you suffer from theft, identity theft and various other examples of fraud. Many pieces of spyware include different components so that they can spy on everything you do.

Key loggers

A key logger is often included in many spyware applications. These keyloggers are designed to spy on what you actually type. Because they capture your keystrokes before anything is encrypted it's fairly easy for scammers to get their hands on your passwords and credit card numbers.

Although most of what you type into computers is nonsense, you do trust it with some very sensitive details. These details include your bank account numbers and passwords and credit card numbers. If you ever log into your bank account or credit card online, then your details could be stolen and used against your will.

If the spyware uses a keylogger then it can then send all of this information to the creator of the software. This type of fraud is very serious and it costs us all billions of dollars every single year.


Another type of spyware application is a dialer. These are much less common than they used to be because most people now have broadband internet connections. A dialer is a fake internet connection application which dials a premium rate phone number rather than the local rate number that you normally dial.

These have also been used to steal your personal information because all of the data is travelling through the scammers servers. They are able to find out anything that they want to know about you.

Spyware is a major threat to your computer and your identity. If you want to ensure your personal information is safe and secure then you must spend time securing your computer. Firewalls and virus scanners are useful ways of securing your computer against risk.

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