The Ad Advertising Scam

Unsuspecting web owners and site managers beware. Another scam artist is trolling the Internet looking for innocent websites to pull into its devious scheme. We here at have been notified of yet another misleading, deceitful, and bogus ad company that is looking to take advantage of free advertising space on your website and perhaps infect your site with malware. Take heed.

Who To Watch Out For

If Ashley Clayton from Internet Marketing Agency contacts you about advertising space on your website, be wary. She will tell you that she is looking for Internet advertising opportunities for clients and is especially interested in conducting a ROS campaign with 1 / 24 frequency capping. She told our 'almost victim,' a web content manager for many sites, that her client's web-site,, is interested in 160x600 banner targeted to US, CA, UK and said that she would like to start the campaign for a 30-day trail and then will sign on for a long term contract after that.  The web manager says he was suspicious of this woman and her marketing agency from the get-go and therefore asked her for the contact information of the client who had hired her company to arrange the web banner. She provided a fictitious name and number and hoped that this web manager would be too lazy to follow up on contacting the ‘client'. When the web manager called this number asking for the name of the ‘client' he was told that no such person worked there and no such marketing agency had been hired to post banner advertisements or any sort of advertisements.

The Scammer

So add this scammer to your list of who to watch out for:

Name: Ashley CLAYTON

E-mail: [email protected]


Name: Victor Farino

Phone: 1-313-293-5460

Fake Web Address linked to this scam:

Take The Time To Check Facts

And remember, by just taking the time to check out information and to call and verify names, clients, and phone numbers like this diligent web manager did, then you can avoid the needless headache of being scammed by a fake Internet Marketing Agency.

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