Gemini Interactive Involved In Malware


Warning to all website companies:  Another dishonest advertiser is on the loose in cyberspace and may be zeroing in on your website as its next target.  Remain vigilant and be wary if Gemini Interactive tries to contact you requesting advertising space on your website.  This company's main goal is to install malware through these advertisements and they will also never pay you for space used on your legitimate website.  This practice can harm the reputation and good name of your site and also cause all users to avoid clicking on your site's advertisements during future use.

What Is Malware?

For those who don't know, malware, also referred to as malicious software, is designed to infiltrate a computer system without the knowledge or the permission of the computer's user. The most popular form of malware is spyware, which is used by the malware installers to gather data about the computer's user in order to target their advertising based on the sites they can see that the computer user is surfing.

What Is The Crime?

Here at, we have recently received reports from legitimate Internet sites that have been scammed by the company Gemini Interactive.  This particular company misled legitimate website owners by trying to buy advertising space for well known products on the Internet.  Owners of the unsuspecting sites willing to sell advertising space negotiated with this company over the phone and through email.  Throughout the entire process of negotiating for ad space Gemini Interactive seemed sincere, professional, and legitimate.  However, when the time came to send Gemini Interactive a monthly invoice and to request payment for the advertising space sold, Gemini Interactive was gone.  Phone numbers and email addresses no longer existed and payment was never received.  In fact, at the same time this scam was being uncovered by the legitimate websites, who were used as pawns throughout this whole ordeal, the websites also began receiving complaints from users that when they clicked on ads sponsored by Gemini Interactive, they were redirected to non requested sites and were infected with spyware.  This was very distressing for many of the users and may prevent these users from ever trusting those websites or any web ad again.  After further research into the practices of Gemini Interactive by the staff here at SpamLaws, it was discovered that this is not the first reported instance of malicious intent by this company.  Plenty of victims of Gemini Interactive's scams have posted warnings throughout the Internet.

So, a warning to all website owners and providers.  Be sure to thoroughly research companies before accepting and posting ads.  Be sure to watch for signs like reluctance to pay up front for the ad space and take the time to visit the home site of the company requesting advertising space in order to look for suspicious activity.  You will save both yourself and your users lots of unneeded stress and aggravation and you can help begin to put such corrupt companies out of service.

What To Watch Out For

Below are the names, address, phone numbers, and email addresses of the spreaders of malware through Gemini Interactive.  Be wary if you are approached by this person.

Jono Magat Business Development Manager Gemini Interactive Inc. Email: [email protected] Phone: +1(617)297-2736 Fax: +1(267)395-6006 AIM: geminiinteractive

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