Types of Adware: Adware.lop

Although adware usually has no intentions of harming your computer, the impact it has proves otherwise.  These type of programs often install themselves with other software and may also be downloaded without your knowledge or consent when visiting a compromised website.  Once installed, adware has the ability to cause a variety of problems.  For example, the software is ad-supported, meaning it will frequently display pop-up ads while you attempt to surf the web.  It also consumes a significant amount of resources, often slowing down computer performance and making it very difficult to perform normal activities.  The worst part of all, many forms of adware are virtually impossible to manually remove, the case with a program known as Adware.lop. 

What is Adware.lop?

Adware.lop was first discovered on July 7, 2005.  It violates the Physical Memory Protection function of your system which enables it to take control of the system.  Adware.lop is far more complex and dangerous than most types of adware.  It has the ability to automatically open and scan your email address book in search of contacts.  Adware.lop also contains a keystroke logger, a spyware feature that allows it monitor and capture your keystrokes without knowledge or consent.  This program will make changes to your executable file types and has been known to function as a Trojan horse, capable of dropping additional adware components and malicious software into a system. 

Adware.lop attempts to permanently embed itself into your computer by creating it's own keys in the registry.  By doing this, it ensures complete control whenever you restart the system.  Adware.lop is very sophisticated as it frequently monitors all processes running on your PC.  This is done to detect vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system along with any anti-virus or anti-spyware software you may have installed.  If security applications are detected, it often modifies their host files which allows it to disable the programs, placing your computer and personal information at great risk.  Similar to a malicious spyware application, Adware.lop frequently downloads content to your computer from a remote server and forwards sensitive data over the internet to various third-party sources.  It also has the ability to hijack a web browser and many other critical processes. 

Removing Adware.lop

Security experts and PC users both agree that adware.lop is one of the most difficult types of adware to remove.  Since the program comes with no uninstall function, manually removing it from the system is almost possible.   While security experts recommend the use of anti-spyware software, some of the best programs have failed at removing this nuisance.  Several users have reported that Norton 360, a high-quality product developed by Symantec, was able to detect and remove Adware.lop upon the initial scan, only to find that the program was completely restored later.  Realizing that a user is attempting to eradicate it, Adware.lop often crashes the Internet Explorer web browser to prevent other solutions from being installed.  Because of it's resistence, it has been concluded that the best way to remove this program is to completely remove it from the registry. 

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