Employment Scams

Caution - that unbelievable career opportunity you learned about on the web just might be a scam!

While searching for that remedy to retire you from the hustle and bustle of tedious work in the field, you are sure to run across numerous web sites offering services that will help you find that dream job.  You will indeed find a few that can genuinely help you meet that goal.  A good number of legitimate opportunities exist on the web that will enable you to establish a thriving home-based business or find a job that meets your criteria.   Unfortunately, most of the opportunities you will stumble upon are bogus and completely illegal, services that are more properly termed as scams.

Spotting a job scam

Some of these employment opportunities offer you a quick and easy way to make a lot of money.  Before committing to any employment or home-based business opportunity through the web, it is important to make yourself aware of the many scams that exist.  You should never rely too much on those wordy testimonials, guarantees and offers of substantial income in "X" amount of time. 

The legitimate jobs you find on the internet typically will not advertise any claims of making quick and easy money in a short time frame.  These jobs require dedicated, hard working individuals; employers looking for open-minded people who can be trusted to get the job done through the process of telecommunications.  You will find that these jobs are very similar to those out in the real world.  Employees looking to be hired must first meet the job qualifications.  They must then develop a trusting relationship by showcasing their ability, usually on a part time or trial basis.  Other job opportunities may be in the area of freelance work.  This may include writing articles, editing and reviewing books, graphic designs and many other fields.  These opportunities are a lot less likely to be involved in a scam.

Making sure the job offer is genuine

Online employment scams appear to be more frequent in sales endeavors.  Those running these scams are constantly on the prowl for the naive, hopeful and desperate web surfer looking to make a fast buck.  When looking to embark upon a genuine employment opportunity, it is very important to research the company in question by inquiring within the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).  These organizations are committed to educating citizens about the many existing scams and how to stay away from them.  You can also avoid employment scams by gathering the necessary details from the Small Business Administration before making a full commitment. 

It is very important that individuals come forward and report all known scams regardless of how small the amount of money involved.  Many scam artists go after minimal fees just to stay under the radar.  Whether it's an unbelievable work-at-home job to rescue from that knuckle-busting gig at the factory, or a home-based business that promises to retire you from the work field, all should be approached with caution.  All probable scams should be treated the same by doing research on the company and never sending any money in advance.    


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