The Most Effective Way to Secure Your Computer

Antivirus software is an important aspect to keeping your computer safe from an online attack, but it's not the only thing you should do if you wish to make your computer as secure as possible. While there are plenty of very good antivirus software programs available, none is 100 percent effective all the time. It's a good idea to install various other security features on your computer in case there's an issue with one or more. Many different security components, often called computer security layers, will fill any holes in the security and protect your computer from online intruders.

The Traditional Virus Scanner

Install a traditional virus scanner on your computer to protect it from malware like rootkits, viruses, worms and Trojans. You may even want to install more than one scanner program since there are thousands of new malware released every day and a single virus scanner may not be able to catch them all. If security is a serious concern, it's a good idea to install antivirus software, antispyware and antimalware software. If one program missed a new malware variant, one of the other programs may catch it.

Updated Browsers

Web browser security is important to keeping your computer safe from an online attack. As malware evolves so do web browsers, although not as prolifically. Newer versions of your favorite browsers tend to be safer than earlier versions if you set enable all the security features they offer.

Data Encryption Software

This type of software encrypts and decrypts data in files on removable media, hard-drives and information sent over email and computer networks. It does this by creating an algorithm that requires an access key to decrypt. The purpose of data encryption software is to prevent an attacker from being able to read information if they manage to get past all other security features and gain access to the data on your computer.

Web Scanner

A web scanner is usually a Java or Perl based command tool that scans both secure and non-secure web pages for potentially dangerous files. It can instantly block most attacks. Web scanners are available for free and to purchase. Make sure you do your research before selecting one.


Firewalls are designed to protect unauthorized access to your computer while permitting you and anyone else authorized to access your computer to use it. You set the rules and other criteria that permit or deny network transactions. This reduces the chance of an outside intruder accessing your computer. They're available as hardware and as software or a combination of both.

Behavior Monitoring Software

This software is designed to watch for unusual behavior that could indicate unauthorized access or malware. Behaviors the software watches out for includes a program than monitors keystrokes or a newly installed program that installs itself. The software lets you know what's happening so you can take care of it or it blocks the activity.


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