What is Online Data Backup?

Many consider online data backup to be one of the most convenient forms of backing up important computer data both securely and easily. Although most people assume their computer is secured against losing their data, the reality is, some 42% lost data is caused by mechanical failure. In other words, when and if it will happen is - for the most part - beyond our control.

Therefore, since losing your data at some point or another is almost a certitude, finding a fast and efficient way of backing up your data now is one of the best ways to secure your important information isn't lost in the future.


How Does Online Backup Work?

Essentially, online backup is a type of offsite data backup. Any files or folders are backed up onto a remote server, or a computer with a network connection. Many providers of online data backup automatically copy the selected data to a remote hard driver at another location.

In the event that you lose a file, you simply have to connect to the remote computer to restore it. In this way, you can access your data from anywhere in the world - making it very convenient for those who travel and businesses with many locations.


Advantages of Online Data Backup

There are many advantages to online backup, including:


  • By having your data stored on a remote hard drive, you run little to no risk of losing your data as a result of fire, theft, or any other disaster
  • Your data is safe; your computer encrypts your files before sending them, and files are secured with password protection
  • No hardware to maintain or repair
  • Backups are done automatically, making your time more productive
  • Offers more features than certain data backup software, such as remote data access and synching
  • Data is available anywhere in the world at any time


How Much Does Online Backup Cost?

How much you can expect to pay for online backup depends primarily on three variables:


  1. The amount of data to be backed up
  2. The number of computers the backup service covers
  3. The maximum number of versions of each file (this is usually limited by the vendor)

For small businesses and individuals wishing to backup their data, online backup may be too expensive. One way of mediating the cost is limiting the amount of data you backup. For example, you can use online backup only for your most critical files, and use another backup method for other, less important or infrequently used files.


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