Benefits of Online Remote Storage

The internet has revolutionized data security with remote backup services. This is a relatively new concept that allows personal computer users and businesses to store and backup essential data from multiple computers on an online server. These services offer secure and reliable offsite storage that will enable you to recover from unexpected system crashes and other disasters.

A remote backup service is a convenient backup system that is able to compliment traditional storage mediums such as CDs, DVDs, hard disks, flash drives, tapes and local backups. This type of service will protect your information and provide additional protection against the loss of data caused by viruses, other exploits and system errors. Online storage services offer an ideal, secure storage solution with numerous features, usually for an affordable price.

Reasons to Use Remote Storage

When it comes to the offsite storing and recovering of data, there are several available options. While many are effective, a remote online storage tends to be much faster and more reliable than others. These services include easy to use interfaces that can be accessed with passwords, along with drag and drop, data compression, data transfer and data encryption features.

During the process of data storage, most online companies provide the following:

• Automated data backups on scheduled intervals. This may be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

• Access to previous backups that have been stored on the remote server

• The ability to recover data lost or damaged from backups of previous versions stored on the remote server

Although backing up on mediums such as tape, CD or DVD are effective, they are much more vulnerable to damage and data loss. These methods can also be tedious and unpredictable, as a dysfunctional DVD-R drive could actually prevent you from saving any data to a disk. This can put your personal or business information at great risk when the time comes to restore critical data. When using online storage, your information is secured in an electronic vault, protected by the best data security available.

Remote online data storage allows you to maintain data based on your personal needs. When data needs to retrieved, you have quick and easy access to it online where it can be obtained from any computer with an internet connection. It is a secure, cost-effective method of data storage, ensuring that your business flows continuously with the aid of a dependable backup system.

The process of backing up, protecting and recovering data is essential to any business and can be equally important to a home computer user. The loss of data incurred from system failures, user errors, and internet attacks have been known to be very costly. An online storage provider gives you reliable security without the hassle of expensive, complex hardware and software applications. All you need to begin securely storing your data is an internet connection.

Several Internet Service Providers, web hosting companies, server data centers and private companies offer remote backup services at low rates. This is a great automated disaster recovery solution that will provide you with adequate security and a piece of mind as well.

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