The Source of Spam

If you are suffering from spam then you might like to learn about how you can stop it from being a problem. The first thing that many people want to know is where spam comes from and how the spammers manage to get hold of their addresses.

How the Spammers Get Your Email

There are all sorts of different spam filters and blockers which can be used to prevent spam bothering you. As always prevention is much better than a cure. If you can learn where the spammers get your email from you will be able to stop spam from arriving to your inbox.


From The Internet

If you ever enter your email address on a website then you are asking for trouble. There are pieces of software called spyware which will scour the internet looking for these emails and add them to their database. You should consider creating an image with your email address in it instead so that these computer programs can't read them.

The contact us link should be a simple web form instead of a mail to link because this is another popular way that the spammers can get hold of your email.  You can also choose to write out your email address so that it cannot be read like: name At domain Dot.Com

From Forums

Participating on forums can be great fun but it can also be a great way for other people to get hold of your email addresses. If you ever want to do this then you should really consider signing up to a disposable email address.

You should also consider using more than one email address. Keep one email address for your business life and another for your private life. This means that you can easily get rid of one account should your inbox start to fill up with spam.

From Chain Letters

Chain letters can seem like a bit of fun, however forwarding these emails will get yourself added onto one of the spammer's lists. These chain letters are often forwarded so that many other people have access to them. You should be very careful whenever you are considering replying to or forwarding any email.

Don't get tempted to forward any chain letters to anyone else because this will expose your email address to other people.

From Spam Itself

It's vital that you don't open other spam messages because these can invite their friends to spam you too. If you click on any links then this can also have the opposite effect to what you want. Even unsubscribe links on unknown sites could cause you to reveal your address to even more people.

Spam is a huge problem but hopefully now you can arm yourself against this invader. By being aware of how spammers can get your address, you can simply stop the spam from arriving in your inbox.

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