Stopping Spam Comments on my Blog

Internet users are hounded by spam, but what exactly is spam and how does it affect people? Spam is one of the few problems with using the internet to communicate. Because it's a form of mass communication the spammers have an easy job to get their message out there.

Spam simply means unsolicited messages. Although most people think that these messages are always sent through email this isn't actually always the case. Spam can affect any form of electronic communication including text messages on cell phones, and blog comments.


Blogging has taken the internet by storm with almost everyone owning a blog and updating it on a regular basis. Blogs are like online diaries and can be used to keep people informed about what's going on in your life.

The main reason why blogs are so popular is because it's possible to allow people to interact with them. Interaction is wonderful because it keeps people interested and allows them to ask questions.

Leaving Comments

One of the ways to interact on a blog is to leave comments. When you write an entry on your blog people can then leave comments to tell you about what's going on in their life, or discuss anything with you.

This sounds like a great idea and it really is. Lots of people have found long lost friends simply because they found their blogs and left comments.

Comment Spam

The only real problem with the ability to leave comments is that anyone can leave a message. This means that people who aren't your friends can leave comments which have nothing to do with your post or blog. This is a type of spam and can be just as dangerous and annoying as email spam.

There are actually quite a few ways to protect your blog from spam. All of the major blogging platforms including Blogger and WordPress have utilities to protect you from spam.

If you use WordPress then there is a Plug-in called Akismet-it. This will automatically analyze the comments left on your blog to decide whether or not they are considered spam. You are also able to review what it has marked as spam to make sure.

All of the other blog platforms have similar pieces of software and filters to protect against spam.

Your blog might be a bit of fun for you but it's important that you stop it falling victim to spam. If you start getting spam comments on your blog then you need to take action quickly before the problem spreads.

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With the advent of wireless Internet, more and more computer users are entering the world of cyber space.

Yet, while these users are well aware of the importance of the protection of their computer when hooked up to regular internet providers, they are often oblivious to the fact that the same cyber dangers, and in fact even more, exist in the world of WiFi.

What you may not know is that same Internet connection that makes it possible to check your email from the comfort of your bed also makes it easier for hackers to access your personal information.

It is for this reason, the sharing of the wireless Internet connection, that protecting your computer when wireless is even more important than ever before.