Identity Theft Protection: Protection Services

At the mentioning of the term theft, many of us often think of a physical mugging or a residential break in. While that remains true, modern times have birthed criminals that are much more sophisticated.  Thieves are now able to commit hi-tech crimes without getting a smudge of dirt on their hands.

Exploriting your activities for criminal profit

The web has become a huge platform for criminal conduct.  This is because millions of users carry out various activities on the internet at all times.  Routine web functions now include shopping, selling goods, purchasing insurance, or managing a bank account.  All of this activity gives an identity thief plenty opportunity to make a fortune. 

An identity thief will use numerous tactics to trap a victim and swindle vital information out of them.  They make attempts by sending fraudulent emails or redirecting an internet user to a phony website.  Upon entering their personal details, the user is unknowingly welcoming the act of identity theft.  Some criminals rely on programs such as spyware to thieve this information directly from the hard drive without the user's knowledge. 

It is important to note that anyone can become a victim of identity theft.  These criminals will stop at nothing to obtain the information they seek. Identity thieves frequently prey on newborns, senior citizens and even the deceased; their methods of madness have no end. 

Getting Help

Identity theft can prove to be very detrimental, but prevention is the key.  You must remain totally committed to keeping your personal information secure.  When additional security is required, several identity theft protection services exist to provide you with assistance. 

Identity theft protection services often come as a feature included with an anti-spyware software.  It is an advanced program that monitors your operating system for suspicious activity.  For example, a protection service should be able to notify you if a huge amount money was transferred from one account to another.  In this scenario, the service provider would freeze your account to prevent the transfer from going through.  From there, it would ask if the transaction was initiated with your approval.  If an attempt at identity theft is suspected, the provider would then contact the appropriate authority. 

A few identity theft protection services offer customized plans for their clients.  This is often done by conducting tests to determine a client's vulnerability to probable attempts.  Some services will also aid you in the recovery process.  Having a solid support team to confer with the credit card companies and financial institutions will certainly relieve some of the burden.  

Identity theft is very real and any one of us can become a victim.  While you should certainly take the necessary steps to protect your sensitive information, a little assistance goes a long way in prevention.  A quality identity theft protection service will enable you to rest a bit easier at night, knowing that your computer isn't an open portal for internet prowlers.  Remember this: a small investment towards a reliable security solution could salvage an entire bank account in the end. 

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In 2003, more than 10 million Americans fell victim to identity theft.

Identity theft costs business and individuals $53 billion dollars annually

In 2003, Americans spent 300 million hours resolving issues related to identity theft.

70% of all identity theft cases are perpetrated by a co-worker or employee of an affiliated business.