What is 180SearchAssistant and How Do You Remove It?

180SearchAssistant is a type of software that will display websites or pop-up advertisements on your PC according to the keywords that you type into the search engine. It enters your PC through a browser vulnerability and installs files on your PC's registry and in your browser settings. 180SearchAssistant is created by 180 Solutions which benefits financially from displaying third party ads and websites. It also creates other software that performs similar activities.

How 180SearchAssistant Works

Whenever you enter a keyword into the search engine 180SearchAssistant will automatically open an additional browser window that displays a Web page or pop-up advertisement that is related to the keyword that you typed into the search engine. It can also create similar events when you visit certain websites.

While 180SerachAssistant does not track or store private information that personally identifies you, it does perform log transmission for every Web page that you visit and every keyword that you use during organic searches. This information is transferred to 180 Solutions' server that generates targeted advertisements and websites with advertisements that are related to the website you visit and the keywords you use.

180SearchAssistant is installed through a browser vulnerability and often the installation is accompanied by other adware programs. The installation of 180Search Assistant is perpetrated by affiliates of 180 Solutions which is how the company generates a profit from 180SearchAssistant.

How to Remove 180SearchAssistant

You can remove 180SearchAssitant manually by clicking on "Start" on your main toolbar on the desktop and then selecting Control Panel. In the Control Panel, locate Add/Remove Programs and click on it. When the list of programs loads you should find a file that says "180SearchAssistant" or "nCase" which is another alias that the program uses. Proceed to remove all of the host applications that are associated with 180SearchAssistant.

Be aware that when you uninstall the program, the nCase/Inst control will remain intact so the program can be automatically reinstalled. You have to remove nCase.Inst by locating it in the downloaded Program Files folder and then deleting the nCase entry.

It is also important to note that 180SearchAssistant contains many other aliases some of which include, n-CASE, nCASE, 180 Solutions, 180ax, and 180 search assistant Alert. When removing the files you may have search for the name variant of the program within the registry keys so you can remove all of the files from your PC's registry.

You can also use a reputable adware removal software program to get rid of 180SearchAssistant. Make sure the program scans for all of the files so it completely uninstalls the program since 180 Solutions includes a reinstall file that will reinstall the program after it has been removed.

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