What Is Aornum and How Do You Remove It?

Aornum is a browser helper object that installs itself along with a bundle of software that originates from iWon, a game site that offers chances to win prizes by clicking on links on the iWon website. Aornum will load whenever you start up Internet Explorer and it shares the Internet Explorer memory framework. This means that it can perform almost any action it wants in Windows some of which include, detecting your activities, displaying additional information on the Web pages that you view, and monitoring all of your email and Instant Messenger messages and overall computer activity.

How Aornum Works

Once Aornum gathers the information it automatically sends it to the iWon server and continues to download codes from iWon servers for a variety of different spying methods. The problem with browser helper objects such as Aornum is that they go undetected by firewalls due to the fact that they are viewed by the firewall as a part of your browser. There are different actions that browser helper objects perform such as keeping track of all of the Web pages you visit with Internet Explorer and then switching the advertisements, and others that change your home page and monitor your PC activity.

More recent versions of Aornum have been known to clog up your registry by installing additional registry entries, files, and directories making removal more complex and difficult. The information Aornum collects for the iWon website includes credit card information, information you provide when filling out sweepstakes or a survey, data related to areas of iWon that you visit, and other related information that violates your privacy.

How to Remove Aornum

  • Manual Removal: Click on the "Start" button located on your main toolbar on the desktop and then select the "Control Panel." Under the Control Panel choose Add/Remove Programs. When the list of programs loads you should see a program called iWon Plus. Click Remove iWon Plus and also make sure you also remove iWon EZ Setup which allows automatic installations from the iWon website. When you have successfully removed these two components, continue to remove the iWon Search Assistant which keeps track of terms that you use to search.

Next you will have to open the registry files to remove additional files that Aornum has installed in your PC registry. You can open the registry by clicking on "Start" on your main toolbar and then selecting "Run." In the dialog box, simply type in "regedit" to open the registry. Look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun and get rid of the Aornum value and then reboot your computer.

  • Removal Software: If you do not feel comfortable manually removing the files, install a malware removal program that is capable of removing Aornum and runs a full scan to identify all of the files for removal. There are a lot of different reputable brands for removing the Aornum browser helper object.

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