Email Client Security: Different Types of Security Software

Depending upon the type of email client you use or your organizations uses, there are a few different types of email client security software for both Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems that you can deploy to improve email security. Although software is never completely foolproof, installing the right kind of software for added protection will significantly reduce the chances of hacker exploits.

SpamExperts Desktop

SpamExperts Desktop is email client security software that works with the Windows operating system. It provides an antispam filter which will delete any unwanted spam messages prior to their arrival to your email client. The filter works automatically and is compatible with POP3 and IMAP email clients. SpamExperts provides updates on the most recent spam viruses and contains a SSL system which maintains security for your Inbox.

Symantec Email Client Security

Symantec email client security provides protection for your email client by scanning all POP3 email messages and attachments, as well as any centralized management associated with your email client software. It also contains an antivirus and client firewall that detects malicious files and blocks online intrusions to your email client and your PC. It has an automatic update system for new email viruses and contains a scanning and reporting system.


SpamSweep is designed for Mac operating systems and contains a state-of-the-art spam filter that combines several technologies to provide added security to your email client. Some of the applications include domain and relay blacklists, automatic spam filters for deleting spam before it reaches your email client, sender whitelisting for senders whom you wish to receive messages from, and automatic technologies that include message notifications. The SpamSweep interface is very sophisticated but easy to understand by the end user.

SpamEater Pro

SpamEater Pro distinguishes itself from other email client security software programs by integrating RAS/DUN (a remote access service) and LAN (local area network) support technology. SpamEaster Pro is designed for the Windows operating system and provides an anti-spam application that deletes spam before it reaches your Inbox. You can customize the filters to manage incoming and outgoing mail and configure the settings to notify you when a message has arrived. It contains a free registration for a free trial period before you decide to purchase.


SonicWall is an email client security software that is designed for organizations of 30 or more users. It is designed for the Microsoft Windows Server based system which supports email client security software and allows for changes and adjustments and the installation of other applications that utilize the Windows server system. Organizations can purchase SonicWALL with a standard email security license and optional subscriptions for dynamic support, email compliance, and antivirus protection.

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