How to Send a Fax from Outlook Express

Fax messages are documents and other information that are transmitted over a telephone line. In recent years fax messages can be sent using a telephone line or right over the Internet without the use of a fax machine. If you use the Outlook Express email client and have a need for sending fax messages, Outlook Express is capable of sending fax message right from your email client with a little help from faxing software.

How to Send a Fax from Outlook Express

To use Outlook Express email client to send a fax you will need at least 64MB of RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is the memory that your PC uses to process applications that you are using. The amount of RAM you have will depend upon the speed of operation when you use an application such as email faxing. You can find out how much RAM you have by checking your PC manual or the system information on your PC.

  • Obtain Fax Software: To send a fax it is necessary to install faxing software. There are a variety of different types available online that you can download for free or for a small fee. You can do your research by typing "facsimile software" or "fax software into your search and reading the reviews and experiences other people have had with the software. Make sure that the software is compatible with Outlook Express.

When you find the software you want to use, download it onto your PC and remember the email address you used when you registered the software as well as the address of the software manufacturer.

  • Create the Message: Create the fax message that you want to send and save it on your hard drive or a portable storage device.
  • Prepare the Fax Message: Open up Outlook Express and click on "Create Mail." Type in the email address that you used when you registered the faxing software and then type the address of the software manufacturer. The address of the software manufacturer should be entered into the "To" field.
  • Attach the Document: When you are ready to include the document, click on "Attach" and then select the document you wish to send as a fax.
  • Enter the Fax Number: Enter the fax number of the person you want to receive the fax in the body of the email message. For most faxing programs you can enter more than one number if you require multiple transmissions to different locations.
  • Send the Fax: When you are finished entering the fax numbers click "Send" and then wait for the confirmation report that will tell you the fax has been successfully transmitted.
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