Windows Email Clients


There are a number of Windows email clients that will help you effectively manage your mails aside from Outlook and Outlook Express. Instead of going with a high-end product, you can find something affordable that works just as well as the more expensive solutions. Ease of use is extremely important as it will make managing your messages as simple as it should be.

Here are a few popular Windows email clients that combine intuitiveness with the security features needed for safe email communications:


IncrediMail is one of the most comprehensive Windows email clients on the market. Offering simple configuration and solid support, this utility is the perfect solution for someone new to

the email system. IncrediMail allows you to easily personalize your mail and also includes anti-spam technology to limit the number of unsolicited messages in your inbox.

Starfish Family Mail

The lurking dangers of the internet pose a serious threat to your children. Starfish Family Mail is a Windows email client that protects children and adults by stripping HTML code and only allowing certain contacts. This program is both easy to use and set up.

Windows Mail

Windows Mail is an integrated email client that comes with new Windows systems. The interface isn't as clean as the programs mentioned above but learning the controls is a rather easy process. Windows Mail is the successor to Outlook Express and shares many of those same features.

AOL Mail

You do not have to be an AOL subscriber to enjoy the benefits of their email service. AOL is free, easy to use and comes with several features for personalization and security. The service offers robust storage and includes a spam filter that works all most too well. You may find yourself making adjustments to the filter as it often mistakes legitimate messages for spam.


Eudora is one of the most popular Windows email clients with a long list of attractive features. It may appear complex on first glance but is rather straightforward for the most part. The interface has evolved tremendously over the years and with that has come ease of use. This evolution allows Eudora to meet the needs of your growing email communications.


Pegasus certainly will not win any awards for a clean interface and ease of use. However, this email client is secure, packed with features, and it offers some of the best self-help support available. The vast amount of support documentation makes it a viable solution for newcomers in need of a powerful mail client.


MemCode is a fairly new Windows email client that packs a big punch for such a small program. Claiming just a small portion of disk space, this program wastes few resources and doesn't write to the system registry. A full-featured solution, Memcode is easy to configure and makes managing your email simple.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Well known for providing users with a safe web surfing environment, Mozilla has implemented a similar level of security into their Thunderbird email client. This open-source software offers plenty of features with an RSS feed reader and efficient spam filter. The interface is clean and so simple to use that novice users will learn the advanced settings in no time.


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