All-in-One Software: BitDefender                                                  

While they haven't established a world renowned identity, such as McAfee and Norton, BitDefender has gained a bit of popularity with their stellar line of anti-virus solutions. 

BitDefender Total Security 2008 is a solid program like many of Softwin's previous products.  Their software has a reputation for high performance, an array of features, and living up to advertised claims.  

The new Total Security software is actually an upgrade to BitDefender Internet Security 2008. 

Though the user interface isn't as clean as the previous product, the functionality of the BitDefender scanner makes up for it.  The most significant difference is three added features that make this program even more exceptional: Data Backup, Tuneup and Trace Cleanup. 

Data Backup 

The new Backup utility is ideal for the user who needs to backup a large amount of files.  This component is robust and would probably work well as a standalone application.  Aside from the user-friendly backup creation tool, the program also comes with a CD/DVD writing utility that enables the burning of ISO images from computer to disk.


The Tuneup utility is composed of four components: the disk defragmenter, a temporary internet file cleaner, a duplicate file finder, and the registry cleaner.  These utilities are very basic and fail in comparison to similar features found in rival software.  They performed as expected, yet didn't provide many opportunities for enhancement and customization.       

Trace Cleanup

The Trace cleanup utility is a valuable tool that does a great job at freeing up space on your hard drive.  This feature easily detects and eliminates those file remnants left behind from failed installations and dysfunctional drivers.  

Summary of Features

In general, the overall features of BitDefender Total Security 2008 are of quality and perform well.  Many of them are highly extensible, customizable and easy to use.  The firewall is sturdy and keeps the intruders out while the scanner quickly detects, viruses, spyware and different forms of malware.  Our only knock on the firewall component arouse from the constant request to approve common applications such as Internet Explorer and the Google Toolbar to access the internet. 

The upgrade to BitDefender Total Security 2008 will cost you about $59.99, twenty dollars more than the previous version.  The price hike compensates for the three additional features.  The fact that features such as the tuneup utility and registry tools come included with Windows Vista and XP, makes the additional cost a bit questionable.  On the contrary, having all of these tools right in front you in a centralized location adds much convenience and can make the price well worth it. 


BitDefender Total Security 2008 is a stable and solid all-in-one solution for your computer.  This software performs well and does a great job at detecting viruses, spyware and keeping hackers out of your system.  While some question the value of the additional features, this programs's ability to maintain a computer's health and security remains it's core strength.  That alone is enough to put BitDefender's latest security software at the top of your list for consideration.   

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Many Internet users are unaware that most anti-virus programs quickly become out of date as new and more sophisticated viruses enter the world of cyber-space everyday.

Anti-virus software must be consistently updated in order to remain effective. In some cases it is necessary to buy an entirely new program to help keep your computer virus free.

Most anti-virus programs allow you to update the original program by downloading the newest and most recent updates to their virus protection system. These updates can then provide protection for your computer against new strands of viruses waiting to infect your computer.