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Comodo, a leading Certificate Authority and worldwide provider of quality security solutions, recently released its latest product, Comdo Firewall Pro Version 3.0 .  This phenomenal application has already received a perfect 5 out of 5 star review by CNET's  For the second consecutive time, Comodo Firewall Pro was praised for being simple enough for beginners and very prestigious to expert users as well. 

With the release of Version 3.0, Comodo has steered away from the traditional desktop security based on detection methods.  The company has now moved towards a revolutionary new approach that goes by the name of A-VSMART, which is their abbreviation for Anti- Virus, Spyware, Malware, Adware, Rootkit, Trojan prevention.  A-VSMART provides front line defense, stopping destructive malware right at the firewall.  This keeps your system safe because if an infection cannot execute itself, it cannot cause any damage. 

Overview of A-VSMART Technology

The greatest feature of Comodo Firewill Pro is it' brand new AV-SMART technology.  This advanced system takes a proactive approach at monitoring the internal applications of your system while actively monitoring all incoming and outgoing web traffic.  This extraordinary structure protects you against security exploits in three ways: by providing much tighter control of web traffic, effectively managing which programs will be allowed to access the system's central processing unit, and by limiting the number of access to critical system alterations.

Key A-VSMART Features    

Defense+ -  Comodo's advanced Host Intrusion Prevention System that actively monitors your system and all of it's processes.  Defense+ prevents system changes that may occur from rootkit installations, keyloggers and more. 

Whitelist Database - A helpful module that files your trusted applications.  This database also includes more than one million applications, one of the largest of it's kind in the industry.

Patent Pending - Also referred to as Clean PC Mode, this innovation was specifically designed to keep your computer free of viruses in effortless fashion.   This feature helps the Comodo firewall to keep malicious items away and also prevents any hostile processes from running. 

Advanced Firewall Engine - This component manages all incoming and outgoing web traffic.  It uses the highest level of system monitoring to prevent malicious hackers and identity thieves from breaking into your computer.   

Comodo's industry leading technology has led to more users implementing this new approach to protect their systems; more and more users are turning to full-featured firewall applications instead of anti-virus suites. Comodo Firewall Pro Version 3.0 is rather versatile, able to act as a standard firewall while also capable of handling more complicated tasks such as preventing sophisticated malware from penetrating your system.  The best part of all, this amazing, innovative software is absolutely free.   

Conclusion - Excellent Protection

Hands down, Comodo Firewall Pro Version 3.0 is by far one of the best security programs available today - free or paid.  This software uses advanced technology that is sure to be mimicked in the near future by competing brands.  The only knock on this program appears to be the lack of spam regulation.  And while it doesn't include a virus scanner, the new A-VSMART technology ensures that potential threats don't stand a chance at infecting your system. 


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