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If your computer is not protected, surfing the web can be similar to exploring a nuclear land mine.  Not only do you have to worry about malicious hackers, but viruses, worms, Trojan horses and deceptive spyware.  You never know when these security threats will make an attempt to compromise your system as they can be obtained by visiting what a website or opening an email attachment. 

When it comes to the security of your computer, there are many available programs that claim to get the job done.  Some perform and provide exceptional results, while others fall short of all expectations.  Let us now introduce you to one program that stands out from the competition - CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2008. 


Many of the new features that come equipped with the CA Internet Security Suite Plus are unrivaled.  This software gives you coverage of up to $5000 virus and identity theft protection.  This is a very rare perk in the most efficient anti-virus solutions.  The CA Internet Security Suite Plus also protects up to three of your computers and includes a comprehensive in-program tutorial.   

CA's un-product tutorial is a great feature that really distinguish's it from many other security solutions.  This feature is sure to be included in upcoming software as it be of aid to a variety of users.  Even though the CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2008 is fare simply to use, this tutorial will help you to learn the product faster while truly understanding the many benefits offered by the program.  

After we became familiar with the software, it became apparent why CA is so confident about it's $5,000 virus and identity theft protection coverage.  This program truly puts a fortress around your computer with a dependable firewall feature that stops intruders dead in their tracks.  Other handy features, such as anti-phishing components, real-time scans, parental controls, automatic updates along with backup and restore utilities, make this program well worth the price of $69.99.

Product Support

CA does provide customer support for it's latest security software.  Even though it did take us about twenty minutes to reach a live representative, quality assistance was received after getting through to a live human employee.  However, this product was lacking in the area of email support.  It took a full two days to obtain a response from a request we submitted.  Combine this with the fact that the CA online database is lacking in information, and you'll understand why this is an area the company needs improvement.


In the end, CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2008 has proven to go far beyond your typical anti-virus software.  This program provides with the standard all-in-one features such as protection against viruses, spyware and scheme will adding invaluable bonuses like their virus protection and identity theft coverage.  The best thing about this advanced security solution is that it uses limited system resources.  This allows you to run a scan and obtain updates without any performance issues.  While the initial download and customer support leaves a bit to be desired, the CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2008 that provides your computer with some of the best protection available. 

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