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One of the hottest items in technology this year is Apple's new iPhone. The first time anyone heard anything about this product was at the end of 2004, when the news came out that Apple was working on a new phone and Motorola was its manufacturing partner. However, almost a year later, when the iPod Nano was coming out, the phone seemed to be forgotten. Not long after that, the relationship between Apple and Motorola dissolved.

After years of rumor and speculation that Apple was developing its own "true" iPhone with no help from Motorola, Apple finally announced the impending release of the fabled iPhone at the beginning of this year.

According to Apple, the iPhone is more than just a phone - it seems to be a way of life, from a technological standpoint of course. The iPhone synchronizes so many functions into one handheld device that it could be the only device you actually need (if you don't mind paying the wireless bills that go along with it of course). It is of course a phone, with a built-in calendar and organizer, but it also supports SMS, email, photos, music and video (read: built-in iPod), games, and web surfing, along with other fun applications designed specifically for the iPhone. And the email, photos, video, and organizer are exactly the same as they would appear on your home computer too. The phone is high capacity, high definition, and holds rich content. And it syncs all of these things with the content on your laptop or desktop computer too.

But there are other phones that support photos, music, and the internet - so what makes the iPhone special? It integrates these functions smoothly and seamlessly and the technology and interface give the user a completely different experience than any other phone. The iPhone actually react to the user and its environment in a more holistic and "natural" way than any other device on the market so far.

And the user interacts differently with the phone too. For example, the light, orientation, and proximity sensors in the iPhone adjust to the environment automatically, so the user doesn't have to worry about light conditions or be careful not to interact with the screen while on the phone. And users can use the iPhone in horizontal and vertical positions, and instead of using buttons and lists, users interact with the phone directly through touch screen and give the phone commands in a much more physically natural manner though swiping, pinching, etc. The all works to optimize the user experience. The iPhone merges functionality with fun. Most people will buy the iPhone not for it's feature so mauch as its paradigm shifting interface.

Of course this doesn't mean tat there is a lot to complain about with the iPhone, because there is, and hopefully the issues that most people complain about will be resolved in subsequent releases.

The iPhone is perhaps the most hyped consumer electronics device ever released, and because of this, it deserves a detailed review. Choose the topic you want to learn more about from the list below.

Appearance and Hardware
Interface and Keyboard
Contacts and Calling
SMS and Web Browsing
Media: iPod, Camera and Photos

With the iPhone's boom in the market comes a lot of funky and hip iphone accessories too.

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